Dns is not updating

Once you're ready to display your new site, you can update your DNS settings at your domain name's registrar (i.e.I ran into an issue with my DNS cache in Windows 8.1 (and Windows 8 before the update). Your machine is getting its DNS resolution from somewhere else, and the caching is taking place there. The second column is the TTL and is the number of seconds remaining before my DNS server will refresh the record for Sometimes the default can be very high - I have seen them set for several days. It is not your cache that is the problem, it is an inherent part of the way DNS works. Is there any other way I might have missed to completely clear my DNS cache?When you set up your hosting account, we'll let you know if your domain name's DNS settings do not point to it.


I decided to try it again later (changed the DNS records yesterday) so I tried it again some minutes ago. XX IP -.- I spammed the command mentioned above several times, I cleared Chrome's cache (read somewhere in the web, not sure if it really helps), I smashed my head against the walls but no result.

You can set the TTL value on your A records for your domain.



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