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” Aside from this, the Ang Dating Daan site will also feature the program’s foray into satellite television via the TOP Channel on Dream Satellite TV.The Ang Dating Daan website was previously the local online presence of the Members Church of God International (MCGI), a religious organization that started out in the Philippines that has now taken over a worldwide scope.With clearer layout, finding information at the site will be easier.The new and improved website will showcase the program’s public service commitments such as those being shown on UNTV’s public service morning show, “Good Morning, Kuya!Diploma in Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Project Management Professional Training Certification in Houston ASP MVC Web Designer Training Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Accountant Training Certification Business Analyst (BA) Training English as a Second Language Course SAP HCM HR Career Course Smart Phone Repair Training Course Quality Assurance Course IT support training course Microsoft training and Comptia Certification Training in Houston SAP Training Courses Spanish Language Classes in Houston We highly leverage power of technology and makes your study and assignment highly convenient providing you online and cloud computing access in line with your course enrolled for practice and home study.“One of the great needs in training these days is for a balance of academic excellence and practical exposure.It will now provide a wealth of updated information and news on Bro.

“Ang Dating Daan or ADD,” which stemmed out from Jeremiah , has become so popular in the Philippines that MCGI is almost always equated with the program’s name.And since year 1999, the Church and its program have shared a common website — Ang Dating


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