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In the stomach, pepsin (another enzyme) breaks down proteins, and strong hydrochloric acid (p H 1.5-3, average of 2…this is why it stings when you vomit) further dissolves everything.The resulting acidic slurry is called ‘chyme’—and right away we can see that the “meat rots in your stomach” theory is baloney.“Humans can’t actually digest meat: it rots in the colon.” And its variant: “Meat takes 4-7 days to digest, because it has to rot in your stomach first.” (Some variations on this myth claim it takes up to two months!) Like most vegetarian propaganda, it’s not just false, it’s an inversion of truth.



So our gut bacteria go to work and digest some of the remainder, sometimes producing waste products that we can absorb.(And, often, a substantial quantity of farts.) The remaining indigestible plant matter (“fiber”), dead gut bacteria, and other waste emerge as feces.



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