Did alicia keys dating usher

She served as an advisor during the current season.

The other judges, Shelton and Adam Levine, make about million per season, according to insiders with knowledge of the judges’ deals.

Update: An individual close to the show told The Wrap that Gwen Stefani will “likely” return to the coaching-judges panel in the spring.

She will be joined by a yet-to-be-determined combination of coaches, that could include Williams, the individual said.

“Everyone in ‘The Voice’ family has the potential to be back in the chair in the spring,” said the individual.

Keys, a 15-time Grammy winner, served as an advisor on Season 7.


One insider told The Wrap that a game of cat and mouse has been underway with the reigning judges, with the talent fretting that the network is looking to replace them with lower-cost alternatives.

Cyrus has been serving as a key advisor on the show’s Season 10.



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