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Pick a spot that suits the two of you, enjoy the music, and have the chance to get to know one another better. If both of you love to dance, consider heading to La Rumba on West 9th Avenue.

The usual crowd is an eclectic mix, so everyone fits in.

If you do come across someone that you would like to go out with, it pays to have some ideas of where to meet. Starting With Something Simple Chemistry on a phone chat line doesn’t always materialize when the two parties meet face to face.

To be on the safe side, it pays to have that first meeting take place in a setting that’s casual, comfortable, and allows both of you to relax. Consider an establishment like the Bardo Coffee House on South Broadway.

Where to Go After Chatting on a Denver Phone Chat Line One of the best ways to meet friends or maybe even find someone to date is by trying some of the chat line numbers with free trial offers.



A Little Music is Nice If the first meeting takes place during the summer, think about meeting up for City Park Jazz.

The concert itself is free, but many people bring along a picnic and something comfortable to sit on.

The place has comfortable chairs, a laid-back atmosphere, and the collection of works by local artists will provide plenty of topics for conversation.

Since Bardo’s is open later than most of the locally owned coffee shops, it’s easy to stay as long as you like.

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