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Both automatic and astronaut observations must be considered for the latter.

Onboard navigation requires precision angular measurements between stellar and planetary objects.

Instrument to determine the ship's current trajectory and calculating devices to plot new trajectories. A periscope sextant to take navigational readings, with its azimuth ring. An indicator of the spacecraft's current mass ratio.

In addition to navigational instruments there will be other necessary gear. An integrating accelerograph (displaying elapsed time, velocity, and distance in dead-reckoning).

These measurements are referenced to an inertial measurement unit, a stable platform mounting accelerometers, and gyroscopes, and are processed in a computer employing techniques which enable the determination of the orbit and its predictions at some future time.

An integral audio recorder and a log book for radio messages and navigational fixes.


Directly in front of him was the huge radar scanner, and to one side and overhead was a tube mounted on a swivel joint that looked like a small telescope, but which was actually an astrogation prism for taking sights on the celestial bodies in space.Review of Interplanetary Navigation Interplanetary flight requires the early accumulation of data having a high degree of accuracy for prediction of flight path and velocity.On some ships this safe might be in the captain's cabin."I'm ready now, sir," replied Roger calmly.He turned to the swivel chair located between the huge communications board, the adjustable chart table and the astrogation prism.


Or instead a laptop computer with an Secondly, readouts for the ship's navigational and tactical sensors. There might be a separate communications deck, which is generally called a "radio shack", manned by a communication officer whose nickname is "Sparks." If this is a military spacecraft this might be the place for the safe containing the code book.

Hit the red "incinerate" button to keep the one-time pad and Captain Midnight secret decoder ring from falling into enemy hands.


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