Delta goodrem dating the voice host

' Having their say: Another fan also expressed her disappointment in regards to the pair's clothing, posting: 'Jessie J, I understand you're an artist and expressing yourself but that outfit was a big NO' Taking a stand But despite the endless comments from fans, many took to the defence of the coaches, with on writing: 'I can't believe how quick people are to complain about ladies outfits... ' Again: This isn't the first time the singers have faced backlash for their choice of attire.

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All relationship and family history information shown on Fame Chain has been compiled from data in the public domain.

However, they kept their fledgling romance on the down low until they were ready.

“They want to keep it private because they know their fans will judge them.


On the surface, they’re polar opposites, but from what I’ve seen, it works.

I’ve never seen Chris so happy.” The singer Delta’s love live has fascinated Australians throughout her career, with ill-fated romances with Brian Mc Fadden, Nick Jonas and Mark Philippoussis.


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