Dell updating bios

Whats the correct name I should be typing in after C:/ any other help/ suggestions would be very helpful as I am not as computer smart as most and my laptop just keeps overheating and powering off Hi, When you cleaned out your laptop did you also apply new thermal paste on both the GPU and CPU?

Most computers require you to flash your BIOS using floppy disks and a Windows boot disk, but Dell offers an option that allows you to flash your BIOS directly from the hard drive.

Click the "Drivers & Downloads" button, then click the green "Enter a Tag" button beneath "Choose by Service Tag." This feature allows you to input your Dell computer service tag number and automatically have access to the correct drivers and updates specific for your computer.

Occasionally, manufacturers release updates to the BIOS to make the system compatible with newer hardware and software.You download updates specific to your Dell computer BIOS and update the BIOS through a process called flashing.BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is firmware that loads when you initially boot a computer system.The BIOS interfaces with connected computer hardware and loads the specified operating system from the hard disk drive.

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