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I also realized that So, I'll selfishly admit that while I wanted to help other guys, what I had discovered for myself was so , refreshing and fulfilling that I wanted to do nothing but continue to develop this way more and more… Appreciation is not about compliments -- it's about fully embracing and accepting whatever is happening with her in the moment.

We both new if Decker could do this for himself, there just HAD to be a way I could do it too.

And so we sat down with everything we had exhaustively studied up to that point…and together with the success we saw in Decker and in other naturals…

In fact, up until a year before we'd met, Decker didn't even know how to talk to a woman.

BUT he had somehow intuitively developed an ability with women that was so magnetic and refreshingly pure that before or since.

I'll tell you more about these foundations in a moment.

In fact, both men and women I'd known for years would do a double take when they'd see me at bars, parties and events naturally and easily interacting with everyone.

that I ‘d become an almost unrecognizable version of my former self.

I'd never felt more solid, real and comfortable in my own skin and everyone around me could feel it too. What women crave, more than anything else, is for you to be fully in the moment and AWARE of yourself, her, and your environment around you.

Other guys who knew the old me could see how much of a shift had taken place and as the days and weeks went on my phone started ringing and ringing. I never considered that I would be teaching this stuff, but for the first time I could actually see MY OLD SELF in their eyes - the frustration and loneliness they still felt. You can memorize a bunch of lines or techniques to temporarily "spike attraction"…but if you want to create .

And while the pickup "outer game" stuff sometimes worked to "spike attraction" or create brief moments of connection (after a LOT of work)… Despite my relentless efforts and work to learn how to "do attraction right," I would inevitably feel her slipping away. *In case you don't recall, Decker is my friend who was a messy, scrawny, geeky, penniless chump like me who couldn't get a beautiful woman to give him attention unless he lit his hair on fire. and between my best friend Decker and I, we studied EVERYTHING: Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Buddhism, endless self-help books and even hokey New-Age manifestation stuff… I even tried Tony-Robbins-style "state change" stuff, but it didn't work.



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