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1, compared to Underwood, who scored 12 Top 40 hits and just one No. To keep things in perspective, however, Underwood has a whopping ten No. Not to mention that her five GRAMMY wins schools Clarkson's two, and every one of Underwood's four albums has gone to No. While Kelly and Carrie continue to battle for the rank of most successful Idol, what about the rest? Even Scotty Mc Creery—who just won a year ago—already passed that mark with his debut, something the two winners preceding him couldn't do. Album Sales: 347,000 units (including first-week sales for second album)GRAMMY Wins: 0Lee De Wyze - "Hallelujah" (Live on winner, Season 3's Fantasio Barrino, comes in next with just under 3 million albums sold in the U. In terms of Billboard Top 40 Pop Charts, however, the first Idol still reigns supreme: Clarkson has had 13 hits in the Top 40, three of which went to No. Furthermore, Hicks, Kris Allen and Lee De Wyze are the three winners whose total albums sales still haven't surpassed one million units (and with Allen's second album selling only 16,000 copies in its first week, it doesn't look like that's going to change for him).” methodology of totaling earnings “from album sales, concerts, merchandising and other income sources for the past year” doesn’t equate to bottom line bank, it is a good indication that Cook has fared well financially if not artistically following his big win.How much of that green actually hit Cook’s bank account remains unknown, but clearly there was enough dough and cache to enable him to purchase what TMZ described as a .3 million Hollywood mansion and engage in a high profile romance with second season Idol contestant Kimberly Caldwell.If you want to cut to the chase and find out which artists reign supreme and which singers are still struggling to break the one million sales mark, scroll to the bottom of the page for our full analysis. 2 Top 40 Singles"Before Your Love/A Moment Like This" No.


promotional machine, how does winning the most-watched show in America actually affect a long-term musical career? We went through all the Idols—from Season 1 vocal powerhouse Kelly Clarkson to country megastar Carrie Underwood to last season's country champ Scotty Mc Creery—and took at look at how they've fared over the years in terms of U. album sales (not including EPs and compilations), Top 40 singles, GRAMMY wins and chart positions for each of their albums. So here's our breakdown of 10 years of winners by the numbers!



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