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A: I didn’t have a dramatic experience with my father.

A: From a very early age, I knew I wanted to express myself, and I wanted to see the world—as much of the world that is possible. I discovered my message for the world and figured out a vessel through which to deliver it. Students of martial movement learn practical self-defense and explore traditional martial arts in a nontraditional format while developing discipline, awareness, strength, and coordination. But when I traveled around China, I researched and studied and realized I was meant for martial movement. When he came out of it, when he came home, he was another person—in the same body. He was not the man my mother married, so they divorced. She did a lot of book and document translation and teaching. Her message to me was, “You are small but talented. But back then, people were more sexist than they are today. I wanted to take part in the wushu world championship in China but could clearly see that my country and the situation around it wouldn’t allow me, so I decided to just find a job. What if you knew the action of your child is what they always wanted? until I got to know her.) Q: You’ve had so many adventures and diverse careers. I think everybody is born this way, but environment and sometimes parents kill this natural state. A: At the moment, I have just figured out who I am and what makes me happy. He was in the hospital with pneumonia and actually died for three minutes. They had real trouble, but my mom was an interpreter from Russian to English, so she got of trouble. My first childhood memory of my mom was that she was someone on my side. A: A little bit of both: My granny always had this warrior light around her. After it ended and it was time to choose a career, she wanted to be a pilot. My life was a chance to see what would happen if there was another vision. It was in the middle of the Ukraine in a city called Nikolaev. After a couple of years, I felt that my country was going to collapse—and I was right.


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