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For more, follow me on Twitter @Kelly Diamond_ Posted in Ok Cupid Tags: asian, boyfriend, comedy, date, dating, douche, funny, girlfriend, haha, ivy league, kappa sig, kappa sigma, kelly diamond, lol, los angeles, love, lover, no, ok, ok cupid, ok stupid, okc, online dating, penn, Philadelphia, philly, pick up line, random, romance, sex, smart, tinder, university of pennsylvania, upenn, weird, writer Posted in Tinder Tags: comedy, date, dating, funny, haha, inbox, joke, kelly diamond, lol, los angeles, message, no, ok cupid, ok stupid, okc, online dating, penn, pick up line, spark, stop, tinder, upenn, writer This is generally how sexting goes for me: I don’t find it sexy at all, especially when an absolute stranger wants to engage in textual acts with me.

I had just returned from my annual trip to Outside Lands, a music festival in San Francisco.

A short and tattooed Los Angeles native somehow got a phone number out of me and proceeded to text me when I got home to LA, where I was spending the summer before my senior year at Penn.

After meeting a handful of horrible douchebags out here on the Golden Coast, I decided to join the world of online dating because potentially being murdered by a jilted online lover seems better than loneliness.

I joined Ok Cupid and Tinder (because they're free and I'm broke) to see what sorts of men they could provide me.

The couple, who started dating at the beginning of this year, were seen just last week enjoying some PDA on a Malibu beach.

They shared some hugs and kisses while Jackson played in sand.


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