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In the first movie, she let go of the fantastic Smith (OK, maybe that was only a mistake in the eyes of most single ladies) because she felt her own fabulousness being eclipsed by her ongoing relationship with a movie star.

(She should have known her own fabulousness could not be eclipsed by anyone!

Where so-called “spinsters” were once viewed with pity (or even scorn), now, they’re often envied.

Over the course of ’s progression from hit TV series to films, Samantha is portrayed as being sexual and successful.


She refuses to bow her head to men in business, often using her looks to her advantage.

She is someone who does what she wants, when she wants.

She puts her girlfriends first, makes a good living and — at least, so far — has not gone under the knife in a significant way.

Samantha isn’t perfect and has made her share of questionable decisions; surely we can all identify with that, at least!

In the second film, Samantha, like so many women her age, battles hot flashes — practically bursting into flames when she begins to lose her life-defining (or, at least, dignity-preserving) natural hormones.

But mostly, Samantha has become a role model for women looking for an example of how to age gracefully — and without a husband.


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