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His most famous observation from his literary work 'The Mothers' which became his eponymous law was this: This quote of Briffault is highly familiar, in the sense that it highlights a 'fault' of womanhood that men don't like and is often discussed by Manosphere bloggers :-) Now, bearing in mind that I am female (and therefore perhaps automatically excluded from rational or unbiased analysis of Briffault's Law), I offer my thoughts. If more women rejected men who were clearly and unequivocally unsuited to the role they were designed for, perhaps we would not be in the mess we are in today. All the while in a place of tranquility: the sanctuary. This blog is all about the musings of a sojourner in her thirties, curious about the stops, the fellow passengers, the driver(s), the conditions of travel and the highlights and lowlights.


I was drawn to Olive's blog primarily because of her concerted effort to distance herself from negative influences which prevent her from achieving her goals in life. In her recent series of posts "The quest for supportive friends" she describes in vivid detail why a certain friend or other was a bad influence on her, particularly in the dating environment. One thing I have learned from the godfathers of the Manosphere is the concept of Women and their herd mentality. I mean, I knew vaguely of the importance of 'the herd'. 'The herd' serves a useful biological purpose for women.In the field of immunisation, for example, the principle of herd immunity is exploited to good effect. In hunter-gatherer times, women stayed together for support (mutually free babysitting needs got fulfilled, for example), communication (if all the men were out hunting who would listen to her talk all day but the other women in the community? It was a great opportunity also for older women to pass on advice and tips to younger women (sadly today a lost art). In modern times, we have kept up this tradition of sorts and for the most part, it works. Firstly, as Olive explains, the herd can lead a woman so far off the beaten track she is practically out of the woods altogether. Years of feminism has resulted in women competing with each other for men and not the other way round as in previous generations. They deliberately sabotage the efforts of their sisters in the dating game. Distance yourself from those who are not helping your cause.To use cell biology analogy, men could be described as distinct cells whilst women could be seen more as the 'gap junctions' or cell membranes that make cells 'stick together' and communicate effectively with one another. Because feminism was so successful at getting into the mindset of women, the consequences became disproportionately widespread.This is why feminism is not just a western disease.


But with educated eyes, I soon discovered evidence of 'the herd' all around me. In a social setting, several women will leave for the bathroom together even if one or several of them do not need to go. What woman hasn't revelled in the support and building up that only her friends can provide in the aftermath of a catastrophic event in her life (read: aka boyfriend trouble)? Any source of conflict with your best interests will result in a state of cognitive dissonance within you. Secondly, herd mentality in women can be used against them on a much wider scale than a few bitchy friends. The effects of feminism have been much worse on women than on men.

This is because women pass on 'messages' to each other much more effectively than men, precisely because they are good communicators.


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