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Hey Sanjeev, good one, actually climate also plays an important factor in hair structure…people living in coastal and humid weathers have dense and curly hair compared to others :nerd: :nerd: :nerd: :nerd: …………….guy with that mesh of hair wants to look grumpy and important, but he is looking so funny :nerd: :nerd: :nerd: :nerd: Reply *nods his head in sympathy understanding Jolmol’s pain* Jomol had a boyfriend once, with whom she used to practise general knowledge for bournvita quiz contest. Reply the best shamp OO :poop: :poop: to clean off the dirt in the hair used by our ancestors instead are soapnuts and fenugreek paste……they cleanse the hair and scalp without stripping the hair off its moisture 😎 😎 Reply Jolmol: here is what I read on wikipedia: A very effective shampoo is made by boiling soapnuts with dried gooseberry (amla) and a few other herbs, using the strained extract. Actually, she goes on a shikhakai plus soapnut formula for her hair when she wants to grow back her hair quickly (read when her mother in law or mom are visiting her) :blush: Reply One trick I use to avoid conditioning the first 3 inches from the scalp is- I gather my wet hair as if to tie a high ponytail abnd whatever hair is hanging loose, i apply conditioner there.. U make chemistry and biochemistry look so interesting(and humouros too). U are rite about the climate affecting hair structure part. I had been on a short trip to Velankanni …..actually just back from there…… :-) Reply I know Uzma, fenugreek always leave residues….will have to wait until your hair is dry enough to comb them off 🙁 ….hey, you could also use soapnut and shikakhai soaked in water overnight and then there will be no problem of residue also….works just as well as fenugreek and no messiness too :-)) Reply hi sanjeev………… and am also back with few more queries………you will oblidge this time too………. Though most of the shampoos do not mention about p H thing…can find many shampoos with “good for daily use” or “mild for daily use” written over them…..don’t use anti-dandruff on a daily basis.

They were deeply in love the guy got into IIT and Jomol could never appear for the bournvita quiz contest. Then run my fingers through the loose hair to detangle it and spread the conditioner thoroughly. If only texts were written this way *sigh* Regards…. I would like to add that people living close to the equator have denser hair as compared to ppl living away from it.. 🙂 actually, Kerala women not until a long time ago used fenugreek paste (from soaking them overnight in water) for cleaning their scalp…the best shampoo to clean off the dirt without being harsh on hair…..actually, nowadays, there is no time on hand to soak and then grind, and then wash with the paste…. i tried the methi(fenugreek) paste for hair, but the only problem is it sticks to the hair & doesn’t get washed off easily, it always leaves residue! Broad combs work well on hair and cause less breakage and works best for detangling…….don’t know about Body Shop brushes.

3u leave it in hair fr few minutes or u rinse immediately??

Serums are for very dry and damaged hair, they soften down the hair cuticles, but again, on a daily basis, they are not recommended……starters, try using Biolage Matrix serum which is easily avaiable……

Runway Ri Ri, otherwise known as Rihanna, unveiled a daring new do while performing at the ‘Rock in Rio’ festival tonight in Madrid.

Number primitives (including char) get 0, booleans get false, and object reference variables get null.(Remember, null just means a remote control that isn’t controlling / programmed to anything.

But method parameters will never be uninitialized, so you’ll never get a compiler error telling you that a parameter variable might not have been initialized.

A reference, but no actual object.) of the method, but they’re still local variables as opposed to instance variables).

The idea of equality for objects depends on the type of object.

The greatest skill I have is the one I started with🍃being able to suffer for long periods of time and not die.

(Assuming that annoying yippy sound can be considered a .


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    Coincidentally, Perry just so happens to have a suite right next to Tebow's for today's Super Bowl game, a source told E!

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