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The goal is to create a unique opportunity for students to interact with representatives from Danish and international companies.

Throughout the fair there will be various events including one-on-one 'speed dating' which matches a student with an industry representative. mock interviews and workshops on how to work with people from other study backgrounds.

Students at the University of Copenhagen this Thursday, can speak to a range of Danish companies in an intimate setting at the annual career fair hosted by the Kubulus alumni Association. The alumni association works to bring former and present students of UCPH together. For the first time, there are two separate streams being run, one specifically tailored to international students held in English, and one held in Danish focusing on knowledge of networking.

“The fair is special in the sense that we are trying to create a small intimate setting, not one where you are one of many people in the crowd,” says Marie Møgelvang, who is responsible for the fair.

This is to say nothing of the full-on psychos one might encounter if dating electronically.

Despite the hype surrounding online and app dating and its rapidly dwindling stigma, many people, like me (and I think I speak for most of my single and divorced friends, who range in age from 20s to 60s), are happy to go online to buy groceries, book holidays, even hire people to look after our children or pets, but not to find romance – the one area too nuanced for a computer-generated algorithm.

Gone are the days when one responded to an agency’s advert in the back of Country Life, or forked out a five-figure sum to someone in a suit, who could just as easily be a recruitment consultant, in exchange for a strong assurance that one would be found a suitable match (guaranteeing little more than an income and a pulse).

This approach also provides a degree of quality control not offered on Tinder (or similar apps, including the popular Happn, which connects people based on GPS proximity – for example, in the meat aisle of Tesco – making Tinder seem positively inconvenient).

For starters, new services offer ‘fixers’ who weed out undesirables – be it the man who likes to send nude selfies to women he’s just met, or the woman who has had too much plastic surgery – which, according to Christina Knudsen, a dating expert who has run singles events in London, ‘spells insecurity’, a complete no-no.


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