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I’m 8 years old and I live in a beautiful white, spacious, 3-story beach-house across from the ocean in Silver Strand Beach, California.I have 2 wonderful older brothers, a mom and dad whom I love, and a close circle of family friends.



They started quickly and quietly cleaning out the house – and moving all of our furniture out.

For some reason he decided to take this trip by himself, but us kids didn’t think much of it at the time.

But then a few days later some really strange things started happening.

Within a few hours, our entire home was cleared out.

You could hear our voices echo again through the high vaulted ceilings of the now empty house.My mother didn’t say much to us, but just gabbed our hands and told us flatly that we had to leave, and that she would explain later. She drove us an hour in silence to our next destination, which turned out to be our grandparents house.


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