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What Do We Know About Middle Paleolithic/Middle Stone Age Culture?

Who Were the Neandertals (130,000-35,000 Years Ago)?

The trouble is that reports of such gene flow were often based on simply observing that marker "X" occurs at a higher frequency in Africa than in Eurasia, so a common sense explanation is that it reflects limited recent gene flow between the continents.

Chapter 8: Why Is the Concept of Culture Important?

Cultural Processes in a Global World Chapter 16: What Can Anthropology Tell Us about Globalization?

I wouldn't be very surprised if many of the markers supposedly signifying recent gene flow Africa and Eurasia were actually quite old in Eurasia.

In Their Own Words: The Paradox of Ethnocentrism In Their Own Words: Culture and Freedom Culture, History, and Human Agency In Their Own Words: Human-Rights Law and the Demonization of Culture Why Do Cultural Differences Matter?

In Their Own Words: Reforming the Crow Constitution Anthropology in Everyday Life: Anthropology and Advertising How Are Politics, Gender, and Kinship Related?

The Promise of the Anthropological Perspective Module 3: On Ethnographic Methods A Meeting of Cultural Traditions Single-Sited Fieldwork Multisited Fieldwork Collecting and Interpreting Data The Dialectic of Fieldwork: Interpretation and Translation The Dialectic of Fieldwork: An Example The Effects of Fieldwork The Production of Anthropological Knowledge Anthropological Knowledge as Open-Ended Chapter 9: Why Is Understanding Human Language Important?

In Their Own Words: Varieties of African American English What Is Language Ideology?

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Module 2: Dating Methods in Paleoanthropology and Archaeology Relative Dating Methods Numerical Dating Methods Modeling Prehistoric Climates Chapter 4: What Can the Study of Primates Tell Us about Human Beings?

In Their Own Words: Custom and Confrontation How Are Worldviews Used as Instruments of Power?


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