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Most of the temples are not used for worship anymore; only two of them are used for worship today.


Khajuraho is amidst an exotic setting of mystifying waterfalls and spectacular hills of the Vindhya Range, fondly called by the locals as Datla and Lavania Pahads.With huge mind-blowing temples, the sculptures cover every part of the temples by the beautiful carving of warriors, musicians, dancers, celestial bodies and animals on stone.This apart, the architecture of each Khajuraho temple is a monumental sculpture in itself.Traditionally, it is believed that there were 85 temples in Khajuraho; however today only 25 Khajuraho temples remain and are being preserved.


These temples are surrounded by the most exotic locations, as they stand amidst the banks of tranquil lakes, and lush green fields and gardens.The Chandellas considered Khajuraho very special, as they concentrated most of their temple building activity here.


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