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Japanese writer whose prolific output includes novels, short stories, plays and essays.

One of his most memorable works was "The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea," 1963.

From adolescence on he was possessed by violent, macabre and sado-masochistic fantasies, playing out imagery of murder for entertainment, cannibalism and homosexuality, masturbating for the first time over a picture of a bleeding martyred saint.


He began to write as a youth, and published his first short story at 16 under the pseudonym Mishima Yukio to conceal his age.Life magazine called him "the Japanese Hemingway." The first child of a high level civil servant, Mishima was taken from his mother by his grandmother and raised by her on the first floor of the family home, only allowed to be with his mother when she fed him.The grandmother kept her grandson by her side at all times.After Japan's defeat, he studied law at the University of Tokyo, graduating in 1947.

He worked for a brief time at the Finance Ministry before deciding to support himself exclusively from his writing.

Other novels followed, including "Forbidden Colors," 1953, "The Temple of the Golden Pavilion," 1959 and "Sun and Steel," 1968.


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