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They had never made an engine until they met William Morris, but had excellent machine shop facilities and a very experienced workforce, and were looking about for work after the war. Often the management are not all enthusiasts, but businessmen and women, and a good idea in business is to use common base components.The machinery and tools had come over from France, and this included the thread cutting dies and taps used on their guns. These metric threads are not quite the same as those used today. This keeps prices down, allows more choice within a range, and can keep quality up, because of mass-production. G's case it meant they had access to massive investment that was not for only them, but all the other marques as well. made 9,600 TF Midgets, but Wolseley made 30,000 Any engine begins life as an idea, ( often tempered by the need to re-use parts of the old one due to costs,) then a drawing, then this is transferred into the three dimensional wooden 'pattern' that will be used to make the moulds it will be cast in.Their reliability is marvellous, but there is no fun anymore. The company of Hotchkiss in Gosford Street, Coventry were purchased in 1923 to be renamed Morris Engines Branch. 'Z' Magnette in 1953, Austin engines were used under the umbrella of the British Motor Corporation, or BMC for short. Such nuts and bolt heads had to be used with spanners that are termed "A/F", indicating the distance Other items used with the Morris engine were made by outside contractors, and they too were taken over one by one, so that Osberton Radiators became Morris Radiators in 1922 as Morris was their only customer. So unlike Rolls Royce, cars for the masses like Morris and M. are not perfect, but as close as possible within a price.They supplied Morris with the engines for the later model of the Bull Nose ( and M. Hotchkiss et Cie had moved to the United Kingdom from France in WW1 to escape the Germans, to continue making armaments, and carried on using their original machine tools and equipment. Such nuts and bolts have British BSW/BSF head sizes, so that the average British DIY owner or motor mechanics tool kit could still be used, but with these odd metric threads. These BMC engines used American based Unified Fine (UNF) and course (UNC) threads, ( ANF & ANC in the USA,) in the 'A','B' and 'C' series M. Skinners Union who made SU carburetters for Morris were purchased in 1926. Like other manufacturers, parts that failed the 'go, no-go' gauges were then machined to the next size for 'exchange engines', ie becoming an undersize crankshaft, or a Motor manufacturers are companies, and companies exist to make money, not cars.

Smith; 'The Magic of MG' , 'MG, Magic of the Marque' by Mike Allison;and 'MG The Untold Story' by David Knowles. This book is a collection of information and stories I have collected over about 30 years, with obvious reference to MG history books. Francis; 'BMC 'B' Series' by Lindsay Porter; 'Tuning the 'A' Series', by David Vizard; 'Post War Baby Austins', by Barry Sharratt; 'Morris Bullnose & Flatnose', by Peter J. This is not a historical epistle, nor is it a life story of M. Your Dads car perhaps, in the garage, or on the drive, when he was not about. are after all only 'Safe and Fast' cars that rely on well proven parts from others, be it either Morris or later BMC/BL. We are a very lucky generation, in that we have the motor car for pleasure. The engine must be designed for an assembly line as well as a long life. As a mass produced component for millions of cars, an engine has to have tolerances, meaning that a cylinder bore will be between two sizes, the variation often between two-thousandths of an inch, ( 0.002"), and the piston being made to similar limitations.

history about, it would be utterly pointless trying to retell it all. Wilson Mc Comb; 'Tuning and Maintenance of MG's' by Phillip H. The excellent engine drawings included are those of Motor, Autocar, Sphere, and Light Car magazine technical artists, and are shown as an 'art' of their times. The fact that it started just because you pushed a button, pulled a knob, or turned a key? In reality the manufacturer has to use metals that are cheap, hard wearing, will machine easily, and take up complicated cast shapes. was originally a small part of a huge motor manufacturer, Morris, they were limited to using parts that were available from the huge corporate parts bin.


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