Dating women emotional baggage

Why exactly should a surprise dinner act as a red flag for him?

Why would that special gift from you be viewed as a superficial attempt at pleasing? All of us would like some of our secrets to rest at the deepest recesses of our hearts.


There are people who try to win over you by a show of emotional intimacy. As a friend, I couldn’t approve of the basis.” take its toll on long-term relationships as well.

How do you deal with a partner who carries too much emotional baggage—of the past, of present discrepancies, and of future (anxious) anticipations? It isn’t unnatural for anyone of us to express grief every now and then.


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    "Most of them grew up under the watchful eye of their fathers, unlike most South African men whose fathers were absent due to migrant work, exile or adultery," Ngwekazi says.

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