Dating welsh houses

Further Comments: The ghost of a young girl is reputed to haunt this area, one story stating that a doctor driving through the area hit the figure - believing her to have been real, he jumped out his car to help her, but she had vanished.

Location: Cadoxton - Churchyard Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: Stone still present, sighting of ghosts pre 1920s?

Location: Barry - Unknown semi-detached council house Type: Unknown Ghost Type Date / Time: Early 2000s Further Comments: A woman living in the building set her curtains on fire after she became convinced they were possessed, causing her to lose her looks. Location: Boverton - Boverton Castle Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: Early Nineteenth century?

Further Comments: The ghostly lady in black who haunts the area was the wife of King John - he condemned her to exile here, though she apparently continued to love him dearly.

Her tall, sobbing form was seen by a couple of workmen.

Location: Broughton, Vale of Glamorgan - Unnamed Road Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: 1960s?


An eerie abandoned farmhouse, in mid-Wales, is still full of belongings, despite lying abandoned for years.A pair of reading glasses lie on the kitchen table - ready to be plucked up and put on - while 1950s style tins behind give some indication of the date the house was last occupied Valuables collect dust inside the abandoned farmhouse, including this Daily Mail souvenir war map, which outlines the strengths of the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance at the time of the Great War A black and white photograph left inside the abandoned farmhouse, thought to be previous tenants.


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