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Iran has exceeded a soft limit on sensitive material set under its nuclear deal with major powers, the U. atomic watchdog said on Wednesday, hours after Donald Trump – who has strongly criticized the agreement – won the U. The announcement follows the election of Republican Donald Trump as U. Matt Yglesias of Vox works out his feelings Wednesday morning after the American public voted to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for exposing the nation’s secrets to amateur hackers — rebuking the FBI’s contorted rationale not to prosecute her lawbreaking. president on Wednesday drew concern among Syrian rebel groups and a degree of optimism in Damascus, where his victory was seen as a better outcome than a Hillary Clinton win.

Uncertainty spread across the Middle East following Donald Trump’s US election win, with questions hanging over the war against the Islamic State group, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Iran’s nuclear deal. Contents: EU’s expected scathing report on Turkey may scuttle refugee deal; Austria says EU must prepare for collapse of Turkey migrant deal; Hungary’s Viktor Orbán defeated in attempt to ban refugee quotas Islamic State militants fighting to hold on to their Mosul stronghold have displayed the crucified bodies of five people they said gave information to “the enemy”, and are back on the city streets policing the length of men’s beards, residents say.

The administration of outgoing President Barack Obama has committed foreign policy and economic failures driving the United States into its demise, predicts state-controlled media in communist North Korea, noting that the American leader failed to deliver the “great change” he promised.

We would like to offer our congratulations to the new President, wishing him a truly fruitful mandate,” Cardinal Parolin said in an interview released by Vatican Radio.

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The terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group — praised by Democrats, President Barack Obama, and presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — has reportedly denounced “racist” Republican Donald Trump’s victory over the former secretary of state as a “disaster” for the Arab and Muslim world.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte congratulated American President-Elect Donald Trump on separate occasions Wednesday morning, once in an official presidential statement and again in casual remarks in which he expressed joy at how “alike” he finds Trump and himself to be.

American officials have assured the government of Turkey that, while the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are largely Kurdish fighters, the Kurds will not take on the main role of liberating the Islamic State “capital” of Raqqa, Syria.

A Philippine mayor died in a shootout with police in his jail cell Sunday, arrested after surfacing on a list President Rodrigo Duterte made public of suspected drug criminals operating within the government.

The Sunday Times of London scored an interview with Syrian dictator Bashar Assad over the weekend and found him utterly devoid of regret for his brutal actions in the Syrian civil war, which has killed some 400,000 Syrians and driven millions more out of the country.The Islamic State has taken hundreds of hostages as it falls back into its Iraqi stronghold of Mosul, bolstering its inventory of civilian human shields with 295 Iraqi Security Forces troops kidnapped last week.


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