Dating violence program

Working together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of Michigan's youth.

It is designed for use in high school health classes, but is appropriate with any group of high school-aged youth.

We encourage educators to partner with their local domestic violence program, as they may have a Dating Violence Prevention Program and are fully trained to respond to students who disclose abuse.

Abuse may include insults, coercion, social sabotage, sexual harassment, stalking, threats and/or acts of physical or sexual abuse.

The abusive partner uses this pattern of violent and coercive behavior to gain power and maintain control over the dating partner.

That is why the Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Treatment Board (MDSVPTB) created the Dating Violence Youth Education Package (DVYEP) for educators and others working with youth as one option to address this very serious problem.

Teen Dating Violence is a pattern of emotional, verbal, sexual, or physical abuse used by one person in a current or past dating relationship to exert power and control over another when one or both of the partners is a teenager.

requires school districts to adopt and implement a policy prohibiting dating violence and abuse by any student on school property, during a school sponsored activity, or during school-sponsored transportation, and providing procedures for responding to such incidents of dating violence or abuse, including accommodations for students experiencing dating violence or abuse.


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