Dating vintage radios

And is there a cheaper radio that will work for me? Many radio/amp selections will work, Sony makes a great radio, and I used the small pyle amp just to save space, I also wanted the thing to be very loud, try the thrift store for radio's and amps, you can always cut the cases down on an old analog receiver.... Add me to the list of those who are currently working on a similar project.

It's now fitted with a 35 watt PA amp and a pair or JBL bookshelf speakers. The fabric wiring was pretty shabby and a local man rewired it for me and put a nice piece of imported authentic cloth over the speaker.

All up less than 0 and he replaced the bulb in the magic eye.

Balsa wood epoxy (5min)Knowledge of electronics, woodworking, and mechanical skills needed for this conversion. The radio was a 1950 Eatons Viking in very rough shape. The right know used to control tuning, it 's now the volume. It has great sentimental value as my mother and her family sat around it during WWII to listen to the war news.The original tube amp and speaker were toast and the cabinet veneer was flaking and water damaged at the bottom. A lovely vintage radio console with a magic eye for tuning.


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