Dating tips for single women


As a dyed-in-the-wool try-hard for life, I resent the very idea that there is any such thing as trying too hard.I believed (and still believe firmly) in dating as a numbers game, and that to get what I wanted (a boyfriend), I would have to keep playing the fucking game.But when I lamented the shoddy state of my love life, I was frequently told that I was “trying too hard” and that I needed to “just let it happen.” Some even suggested I “chill out on dating” for a while.I would be willing to just take one for the team if it meant that other women didn’t have to deal with this shit in everyday life.But alas, total goobers live and walk among us, often disguised as family and friends.



Being a woman who writes on the internet, I’ve received more than my fair share of unsolicited advice from strangers.

I consider this frequent barrage of advice an occupational hazard and occasionally fun fodder for Twitter, mostly because it comes primarily from total goobers.


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