Dating tip for lesbian

1) Look for access points The bar (no pun intended) is pretty low when it comes to hitting on women – we literally only have to be polite and sincere.

Players know this, which is why it’s a numbers game to them. I consider sending over a drink to the other end of the bar.

But to my dismay, despite standing up taller, on tip toes, I cannot get the bartender to come anywhere near me.

And I realize this is an opportunity for the woman at the other end of the bar as well.

But as I drive away from campus, I picture the night unfolding this way and realize that staying home alone (again) is not going to get me closer to meeting new people.

Plus, after a particularly brutal stats class, , I decide.

A girl standing alone at the end of a bar, waiting to order a drink. If I’m the girl getting served, it’s an easy in – send her a drink . Instead, I stand there for 20 more minutes, until the bartender, who I’ve concluded thinks I look like her ex girlfriend’s new girlfriend, finally saunters over and I get a beer.


After I stand there a few minutes, unable to get the bartender’s attention, I realize that one of the women who flirted with me is ordering drinks at the opposite end of the bar. It hits me then that this is the perfect opportunity for a girl to hit on another girl.

I realize that the first step in hitting on women is to find an access point, or an opportunity to talk to her.

Alone in a new city, working full time and working on my doctorate (full time), I find myself restless for human contact.

As I load my messenger bag and empty coffee mug into my car one Saturday after class, all I want to do is go home, put on sweats, order takeout, and watch bad reality TV.

And so, I pull into the mall parking lot, buy a long sleeve shirt at H&M, put on some lipstick and drag my tired ass out to a lesbian event.From the moment I walk in, I’m certain I made the right choice. The small bar is jam-packed with women – cute women.


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