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In an interview that is now a decade old, former Marcuse-grad student Lowell Bergman described what was going down: [I]n San Diego the very conservative community reacted [to Marcuse’s popularity] at first with virulent publicity and then physical harassment. So, on Tuesday, the ninth of April, I attended this meeting of the campus community.


There was a blossoming anti-Vietnam war movement on campus as well. So his graduate students decided to start escorting him to school every morning, a 15-minute walk.Plus graduate students had formed a protective circle around Herbert Marcuse, as the world-renowned left-wing philosopher was coming under attack by the arch-conservative local San Diego Union newspaper as well as by local Marines, and was suffering threatening phone-calls and other forms of harassment. This was in the time when UCSD was a small campus with a small undergraduate college and as many graduate students.


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