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You screwed up so badly tonight that my blood pressure skyrocketed above its stately 110 over 80.

And I am so pissed with what I have just gone through that instead of calmly firing off a letter to Lance Gokongwei, I will rant on my website instead so that roughly 8,000 – 10,000 of my regular and occasional readers, 90% of whom are your target market, can make their airline buying decisions with more intelligence.

The second trip I booked was also a morning flight. On the flight back, the scheduled plane was over two hours late and they were able to book me on the earlier flight that was running 1.5 hours late.I once wrote a letter of complaint to Sonny Belmonte when he was President of Philippine Airlines many years ago that started with the sentence “” and I have never liked PAL, but I am now thinking of a sentence that would be appropriate for a letter to Cebu Pacific… Mr. So I stopped taking them and vowed to return when they got newer planes.Belmonte, to his credit, called my home soon after to talk about the letter… So when they got their new 757 and announced a Business Class to Cebu, I booked one of their earliest flights.But I have booked mostly Business Class flights as they have improved their service lately and I must say, they have been 85% or more on time (with some grave exceptions). A few days later, on the way home to Manila, the plane was again nearly 1 hour late.

But a Business Class ticket on PAL is now roughly PHP9,500 to Cebu. When Cebu Pacific offers PHP3,400 economy tickets and I can book them online and never go to a ticket office, I decide to really give them a good go this time around. For the first flight, I got to the airport 1.5 hours before the scheduled departure time. And worse, they changed the equipment to the old DC-9 WITHOUT telling passengers at the check-in counter. I have flown over 5,000 flight segments in my entire career/life so I don’t tempt fate with old equipment.

Since I traveled with one other colleague, we booked a total of about 12 flight segments and 10 segments were late.


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