Dating state of washington

Photographed by the partnership of Dearborn-Massar. Examples of decorated and decorative papers such as Western marbled paper, paste paper, and Dutch gilt paper produced between the 17th and 19th centuries, from Europe, primarily Germany, France and Italy.

These letters describe firsthand accounts of battle, reflections on the nature of war and its profound effect on those involved - both on those at the front lines and loved ones who remained anxiously at home.

Images showing work projects in King County, Washington established under the auspices of the Civil Works Administration in 1933-34.

Over 29,000 images of Russian sites, mostly buildings constructed from the Middle Ages and the present.

Photographs were taken between 19 by Professor William Craft Brumfield of Tulane University. Items from the Robert Henry Chandless Collection of images from China, 1898-1908.


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