Dating someone who is newly separated

Have any DLers dated or are dating a recovering alcoholic? If the person has addressed their issue, and is working on living life and being a productive member of society - I don’t see a problem with it.

People get all whacked out about dating someone that is in recovery or had a problem in the past. In general - I find the AA adherents to be insufferable after a while.

I have gone a few dates with a guy, a great guy (so far), who's over a year "sober".

I'm a casual drinker, which he doesn't seem to have any problem with whatsoever.

Pick a rather relaxed moment where you can initiate a conversation as to what lead him (I assume you are not a Lesbian and am sorry if I am wrong) to drink and then just delicately go from there. all my major relationships have been with someone who was, or turned out to be, in recovery.

OP, if that's not you, then you're probably fine dating an AA in recovery.

My two best friends, also casual drinkers, say this is a HUGE red flag, that alcoholics, even ones in recovery, are difficult to deal with.

Sort of like dating a christian when you're an atheist.

I have a college friend who is in recovery, and I adore her.

Other than that, I don't have much interface with addicts, I guess. People who are addicted to alcohol and drugs are usually masking something deeper.


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