Dating someone who is a recovering alcoholic

=========================================================That is exactly what most experienced AA members recommend to newcomers.

Not so much because it's trading one addiction for another.

Rather, it's because if you get in a relationship and it doesn't work out, you might drink again if it's a painful breakup.

A member who takes advantage of a vulnerable newcomer is called a "13th Stepper." Generally, it's men hitting on new women, but it can be the other way around too.

I'm very attracted to someone but when I found out that he's in early recovery from alcoholism, I backed away.I feel very strongly that it's not a good idea to get involved at this point. Everyone could use a little support once in awhile..if he excites you, then why men stuffed in your cooler??? I was of the understanding that people in the early stage of recovery are discouraged by AA from getting into romantic relationships since they need to be focussing on their own wellness. If he is the right guy, he must take care of his sobriety first, and he will. it's hard enough to work on making yourself well, let alone trying to make a relationship a woman who has 14 year of sobriety, i would back away from this man..a rule in AA we are told not to have a relationship for at least one year after you have stopped drinking.Does anybody have any experience with this sort of thing? He's in recovery, he's already admitted he's got a problem..he's doing something about it.. Not a great idea to replace alcohol with what could turn out to be another 'all consuming' thing before they are standing strongly on their own two feet. Be nothing more than friends and allow him to do this. a recovering alcoholic woman that makes me her new addiction,,, That sounds soooooo horrible...actually have a roomate that went through a pretty bad binder..with a little help, is sober, and working and doing really good.."technically" we recover-ers are supposed to wait a year before getting into a relationship... he could put you before his sobriety and that wouldn't be the ideal situation.... a person needs time to find out what they are like sober, with out any you do decide to keep seeing him....him the first time he takes a drink, and know it is not your fault if he decides to drink..............maryb1956technically" we recover-ers are supposed to wait a year before getting into a relationship...My daughter married a recovering man from AA & NA and she was also in thr AA program only sober just over a year.. came to her home with a dog,kid, and 2 rubber maid containers, and she started using drugs again. facility leaving her child practically with a stranger.. This man only works when its convenient to work, and is controlling her every move...

He dosen't even allow my granddaughter who I practically raised to see ot talk to the family members.. All I can say the program has been around for a while and when followed it can become very successful.. you may really get a deep understanding for what he is experiencing!!This could just be a fall even for your new mate even if they are wonderful. U can always be a supportive friend and be there ,but see where it leads, and allow him to continue with his recovery first and follow those rules. Ifyou really like him though, keep him at arms length, he isn't going anywhere, he has a lot to concentrate on right now, until you both feel he is focused on his program.


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