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The clubs (or gangs, as police define them) are extremely territorial, and Texas is the exclusive territory of the homegrown Bandidos.

Seconds later, as the four approached their car, a single bullet, fired at a distance from a high-powered rifle, pierced Benesh's skull, tore through his brain – blowing bits of tissue onto his two stunned children – and dropped his body onto the pavement. "It's very shocking," pizzeria owner Dan Saccone told a KXAN reporter."Saturday night, people were coming and going; the parking lot was packed.Just after 7pm on March 18, as the final traces of twilight dissolved into the evening sky, 44-year-old Anthony William Benesh III, his girlfriend, and his 9- and 11-year-old sons finished their dinner and walked out the front door of Saccone's Pizza in far Northwest Austin.It was a typical Saturday night at the popular eatery where Benesh had been a regular customer for several years; the New Jersey-style pizza joint was bustling with diners – including several other families with children.

"Oh, no," says the officer, "that would not go over well." His family and friends agree that Benesh was treading in dangerous waters – in essence, thumbing his nose at the Bandidos – but nonetheless they remain unconvinced that the Bandidos are responsible for his murder."To snipe somebody in front of his kids is definitely not the style of the Bandidos," said one person familiar with both Benesh and the Bandidos, and who asked for anonymity.


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