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Possibly the Irish settlers of Londonderry township named this place after Belmont, New Hampshire, their native state because soon after 1872, the name was changed from Chiganois to Belmont.The First Nations People called the river Nesakunechkik, “eel weirs”.About 1786, Thomas Crowe moved from Windsor, purchased a farm from Mr. Other of the Yuill lots were sold to James Davidson and John Oughterson by 1776. Back to Top Belmont This settlement is located about five miles up the Chiganois river, north of Cobequid Bay, in central Nova Scotia.The name means “beautiful mountain” and is quite common, being the name given to at least twenty-five places in the United States.The original proprietors of this part of Truro township were James Yuill and his son, James, who settled at Old Barns.James Rutherford purchased one of these lots sometime in the 1770’s and settled down to clear a farm.Beaver Brook This rural area is located on the Beaver Brook, about three miles east of the Shubenacadie River mouth, in central Nova Scotia.It was so named because early settlers found beaver dams along the brook.




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Soon afterward, Thomas Baird, Alexander Deyarmond, Joseph Crowe, Sr., and John Barnhill, township grantees who drew their lots in this area, arrived to begin settlement.


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