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I love all things nerdy, so if you can talk nerdy to me, we are going to hit it off! However, I am currently studying Marketing Management in Jackson, Mississippi.



Someone who needs to be by the ocean to feel whole, and is complete within herself.

Who likes to share a cool glass of French-white-dry while watching the stars.

i will do the same to her, i want us to have a nice bond and be able to share stuff with each other without feeling like one another is gonna judge each other!!

I would love to meet someone who is smart, loves to laugh, has a quirky, and fun sense of humour is a must.

I am looking for someone that loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, gardening, kayaking/sailing, the beach, the ocean, romance and passion, candle lit dinners/good food, comfy clothes and staying in cuddling, or dressing up and showing each other off. I'm looking for a mature woman, with well developed passions.

Someone who I not only have dynamite chemistry with but who can also push me intellectually, spiritually.


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