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State-owned Dublin Airport Authority’s (DAA) international subsidiary has won a multi-million euro contract to manage and operate the new Terminal 5 facility at Saudi Arabia’s King Khaled International Airport (KKIA) in Riyadh.Daa International will operate the new 106,500 sq metre terminal, which has a capacity of up to 12 million domestic passengers per year, ahead of five other international airport operators.Qaryat al Asba, known to the West as Graffiti Rocks, is about 140 km west of Riyadh, near the highway exit for Musayqirah.Geologically, the formation is an inselberg (isolated outcrop), prominent in the open plain surrounding it.


On the eastern side of the rock, near the top, is what appears to be a Neolithic scene.It depicts the extinct aurochs (wild cattle), as well as humans and “handprints.” Despite the proximity of Qaryat al Asba to Riyadh, the Neolithic panel there has not previously been described.


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