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He claims he was once a confused Muslim and after reading the whole Qur'an and analysing how Qur'an talks about Jesus, etc, he thinks every Muslim should become a Christian! Christians are happily forwarding this short video clip, in order to get the nominal Muslims confused.... Sex doesn't keep a man, if you like, turn 360% on bed, he will still dump you. Bleach until you become white, if he doesn't notice the qualities of a wife in you, he will leave you. A man who wins your love with money may not stay forever. Material things definitely has its merits but it cannot alone provide the riches of a truly meaningful life. Being sexy without character will not get you a husband, you will only get a boyfriend. Sex can bring pleasure but it can never bring love, sex is a product of love, love is not a product of sex. Sex can make a man stay with you overnight but love will make him stay for a lifetime. There are things that money just can't buy like manners, moral and integrity. How you dress will definitely determine how men will address you. Přečtěte si další informace, mimo jiné i to, jaké máte možnosti: zásady používání souborů cookie. On the contrary, by rejecting this doctrine the Muslim accepts Jesus but only with more esteem and higher respect, and looks upon his original message as an essential part of Islam. ven met redeemed Christian church of God general overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye and all those that are concerned to help me beg her but she refused to come back home.Blogging Success Learning and Getting Inspiration from the Best Bloggers In this book, you will learn all about: Building Blocks of Successful Blogging Can You Lose Money by Not Doing Sponsored Reviews Adsense: What Is It and How Do You Use It Additional Tips For Making Money On Your Blog Does Writi... So let it be stated, again, that to be a Muslim a person must accept and respect all the prophets of Allah - Almighty God without any discrimination. I also wrote to the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) on the issue..” and why did he say it?But Marry Because you are ready to complete half your 8 Basic Errors Muslims make when Paying Zakat Al-Fitr By Muhammad Alshareef I feel compelled to put this together because I’ve seen the following errors being committed even since I was a young boy. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.


Don't Marry because you are of AGE, Don't Marry because you are LONELY, Don't Marry because you Need someone to Support you FINANCIALLY. There is always a lesson for Muslims that Islam is a realistic religion on the issue of marriage and number of wives. When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land.Don't Marry because you Mistakenly Got PREGNANT for Him, Don't Marry because you don't want to LOSE the PERSON, Don't Marry because of Family PRESSURES, Don't Marry because you Like the IDEA Of Marriage, Don't Marry because of PITY or Out of PITY, Don't Marry because of TRIBE, Don't Marry because you Admire of WEDDING GOWN you See, Don't Marry because you Love KIDS, Don't Marry because all your Friends are getting Married, Don't Marry because of Physical/ Academic Qualifications. They said ' Let us pray.' We closed our eyes.Zakat al-Fitr is a smaller levy than Zakat al-Mal.[citation…As-Salaam Alaykum Warahmatullah! There is a short video clip of Mr Mario Joseph, (a confused Indian-looking man) circulating around on whatsapp, facebook, youtube, etc.

Cookies používáme proto, abychom mohli přizpůsobovat a měřit reklamy a vytvářet bezpečnější prostředí. The Muslim does not believe in the crucifixion of Jesus by his enemies because the basis of this doctrine of crucifixion is contrary to Divine mercy and justice as much as it is to human logic and dignity.Když na tomto webu na něco kliknete nebo přejdete, vyjádříte tím svůj souhlas, že smíme pomocí cookies shromažďovat informace na Facebooku i mimo něj. Such a disbelief in the doctrine does not in any way lessen the Muslim’ s reverence for Jesus, or degrade the high status of Jesus in Islam, or even shake the Muslim’ s belief in Jesus as a distinguished prophet of Allah - Almighty God.


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