Dating simulator interactive video oldiesdating com

, has been working on a secret game for quite some time.

Tingle, who sells e-books exclusively on Amazon, refers to himself as a doctor of holistic massage with a Ph D from De Vry University.

Are you an artist or a writer who loves games, but doesn’t know where to start?

Today, Quinn revealed that her long-awaited game was an FMV (full motion video) dating simulator inspired by the notorious erotica novels penned by the elusive author, Chuck Tingle.

The characters that appear in the game, Quinn said in a VICE documentary, are based on the strange, satirical depictions Tingle uses of the men and women that routinely appear on the cover of erotica novels.

There’s not too much more of the game that can be seen in the video, and what can be seen is from the early stages of development, but on her blog, Quinn said that more information would be rolling out soon.

Although Quinn didn’t say in the video when the game would be released, she tweeted that it would definitely be "less than two years" before it would be available to play.


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