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Date Ariane is unrated and contains the equivalent of R rated material (language, nudity, non graphic sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for all players. My name is Ariane Barnes, loyal patron of the 3D internet.As the game now uses HTML 5 elements, it may not run on Internet Explorer 8 (the highest version you can run on Windows XP) – I do not own a Mac, and the last version for Windows was Safari 5 which is 3 years old.My website is blog is mostly about my adventures in Second Life. It was when I used to play but that hasn’t been true in a while.



UPDATE: I almost never write about this stuff anymore either. Fourthly it is about whatever the hell I want to write about. Lately I have been writing mostly about my visual novel/date simulators: Date Ariane Date Ariane is a downloadable standalone “date simulator” which used to be an online game.

Thirdly it is about following internet trends in general, especially as it is changing the way we work and play. It is released under the freeware/donationware model. It is also available in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.


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