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We employ the vast expertise of an international team of academic scholars, forensic scientists and fine art experts, comprising of specialist academic researchers, forensic art analysts, art historians and art fraud investigators, expert field of fine art authentication.Together we pursue the finite proof of the legitimacy of all classifications and periods of fine art and seek accurate artist attributions through progressive investigation processes internationally.Treat this important issue like needing to know what chances you have if you were taking a legal case to court?They do not exist in the real world and only proof beyond all reasonable doubt does.Evidence carrying international acceptance and upholding the integrity of both the artist and art history is the only way.Art experts of this calibre are indeed rare, particularly those who specialize in investigating the authenticity and provenance of both antique and modern paintings.Including the authentication of drawings, oil and water colour paintings and sculptures.

including; members of the legal profession, museums, art galleries, art dealers, auctioneers, insurers and investors alike.We are a professional team who bring to our world wide client base, over 41 years continued experience in the world of art authentication.


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