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Your basic goal is to get a Hina girl and gain as much money and experience as possible. In V5R3, date-handling is superb and calculations are straightforward. I'm surprised that some developers still write code that uses data structures or sub-stringing or concatenation to manipulate dates—not only in converted RPG III code, but also in new RPG IV development.Fine, you say, but what about all those pesky character or numeric fields we still have to fight with from designs that originated before the date- and time-field data types were available? Much of this code deals with creating legacy date and time fields used to timestamp database records, though it isn't restricted to this, because you often want to add or subtract from one of these stored dates.Those fields might have two- or four-digit years and might be in YMD order or MDY order or, outside the U. In many cases, the developer has some reusable, tried-and-tested code snippets.Dating Simulator is a new point and click adventure game.Basically this is a "choose your own adventure" dating style game with Ariane that will have a different outcome depending on your choices along the way. Move YOUR MOUSE over the picture to see the possible actions. The action you select will determine what happens next. by frucomerci# Poem, compliment, cheek kiss.# Mouth Kiss, Touch Hair# Music:soft rock, Mouth Kiss, Neck Dip# Go to Kitchen, Fridge, Wine# Drink Wine, Click on chairs to see stars# Get right the questions: google copernicus (center, left), aries (left, middle-top), tri?ngulus (center, middle-left) and sea of tranquillity (center, middle-right)# Flash boobies, Click on terrace table, talk, compliment, eat, drink# Swimming pool, go out from pool (not repeat swimming)# Hot Tub, Mouth Kiss, Wine, Play Truth or Dare# First Truth (you have never f**k on a hot tub), Second (she) Truth (ask whatever you want), Third (you) Dare, Fourth (she) Dare: Undress Top Here you have two different ends: Final A: o Dare (you) and Dare (she), undress bottom o Drink wine, french kiss, massage shoulders, grab bubs, lick nip***s, massage low back (tummy), massage thight (legs), grab as, finger o F**K!!Final B: o Dare (you) and Dare (she), go to a shop dressed only with a towel o You are on the car, click on the towel (she will enter on the shop withou for ) o Buy snacks, come back to car, beer o F**K!


I found each as shown; all I've done is add standalone fields in place of database fields. This is example 1, from a developer who has been writing code for at least 10 years: Now, what's your opinion of the above code? While I labeled them as bad examples, two of the routines work well, and the third works most of the time. The main problem is the wordiness and the obfuscation caused by using the data structure.

RPG handles these legacy fields easily and concisely, but based on code I've seen recently, not everyone knows how to do it.

While I applaud code reuse, it wouldn't hurt to upgrade the code, because RPG IV date-handling makes the code shorter and easier to understand.

Data structures have their place, but when used like this, you have to look at two places in the program to see what's going on.

Love Hina Sim Date is the latest and one of the best sims game.

Choose your character and go to the Hina Inn where you get to meet a lot of girls.


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