Dating royal doulton stamps


Nile Street closes on 15th April 2005 with 130 workers leaving the historic plant for the last time and production of the Royal Doulton, Minton and Royal Albert brands transferred to factories of the Waterford Wedgwood group2009 - Royal Albert one of the three brands to survive the sale of Waterford Wedgwood assets to a venture capital company following the failure of the parent company in late-2008.The Company is now known as "WWRD" as seen on the New 2012 Backstamps Backstamps can provide one indicator to age, registered numbers can also provide another.Patterns such as "Old English Roses" ceased shortly after this, we are informed about 1977, but have seen nothing definite on this date."Serena" is another pattern that enjoyed enormous success that ceased about this time."American Beauty" has ceased production - 1998In 1991, Royal Doulton briefly dabbled with the Royal Albert name on their hugely successful Beswick Beatrix Potter range of figurines (which were made under license from Frederick Warne), but following adverse collector reaction, quickly saw sense and changed back.The Royal Albert name has always been associated with tableware's of the highest quality with patterns like "Old Country Roses" (designed by Harold Holdcroft in 1962), and the more recent very popular "Moonlight Rose" pattern.

Royal Albert was the trading name of the firm founded by Thomas Clark Wild, founded about 1894.

Wild & Sons Limited, Crown China Works, High Street, (later St Marys Works) Longton, Staffordshire, England.

The firm has always been known for its fine quality bone china Richmond China was under the Allied English Potteries group of China Companies, and it had patterns under the Richmond name that dated back to the 1950s.

Many of the Richmond Patterns started out as Shelley Patterns, then were later made under the Royal Albert Name using an Un-Named Royal Albert Bone China Backstamp, Only four Richmond patterns had a Unique pattern name: "Blue Poppy" " Blue Rock " “Rose Time” and "Wild Anemone" In 1972, the Pearson Group acquired Royal Doulton, and merged it with Allied English Potteries and the Richmond China patterns were absorbed under the Royal Albert name or were discontinued.

(Note: The yellow/orange colourway is called the Pacific Rose).e Royal Doulton Group was "demerged" from the Pearson Group of companies in 1993, and subsequently listed on the Stock Exchange (NB: Doulton was only earning a 5% return, whereas other companies in the Pearson Group were earning 10%).Looking back this was the "beginning of the end" for Royal Albert, Beswick and may indeed be for Royal Doulton itself.20th December 2002, Royal Doulton ceased Royal Albert production in England and moved manufacture to "their state-of-the-art factory" in Asia Backstamps from Patterns not "Made in England" do not have the word "England" on it.


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