Dating revere ware pots

QUESTIONDoes anyone know of a line of cooking pots (for soups etc.) that is very high quality?I don't mind spending on the high end for a couple of really good pots. Of the manufacturers that have made copper cookware for the kitchen over the years, Revere stands out.Copper has been used continuously by Homo sapiens for some 10,000 years—a copper pendant from northern Iraq is the oldest example of the metal being formed into something beyond its natural state.Like gold, copper can be hammered cold into shapes, rolled flat, or melted and cast.

I've given up on finding new Revere Ware copper bottom pots of the same quality as the ones I've had for 25 years (as a wedding present from my mom).I understand that anything you get new now called Revere Ware is made by someone else and is not the same as the older stuff.


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