Dating really skinny guys


He still has crazy muscles and never has to lift weights. I trained for months to run a 5k, asked him to run with me at the last minute and he laughed at my under 30 min goal. I’m married to a perpetually skinny who also happens to be 6’6″ tall. He pretty much eats whatever he wants, whenever he wants and always looks amazing. I am married to a pot-belly, regardless of how much he works, what he eats, etc. D just has to glance at his muscles and they become more defined. ” right now he weighs 3 pounds more than he did in high school. Right now he is sorting through his jeans on his day off because most of his 32′s are too big and he can pull them right off. My husband eats horribly and will complain every once in a while that he is too thin. I CANNOT get it through his head that is doesn’t work that way. Skinny man + smaller clothes (which take up less room in the closet) = more room for my clothes! I am able to lose a little bit of weight at a time, but as soon as I stop working at it for a second, it comes back with a vengeance. And if it makes you feel any better, I was at the jacuzzi with my 2-year-old tonight, talking with a seemingly nice neighbor about taking the kids back to school in the melting heat this morning, and she says, “Oh yeah, and I bet the baby wasn’t giving you any breaks walking up those hills.” Confused, I look at my 2-year-old playing on the steps of the pool, while she continues, “It’s probably turning somersaults in there, kicking away…” At which time the lightbulb finally goes on and I say, “I’m not pregnant!!! When we got together 10 years ago, my man wore a 32″ pant waist and was about 140# at 5’10″…now he’s in a 34″ & probably high 160s/low 170s…we share clothes sometimes, it’s nice. My butt will never be smaller than his I’m affraid. I am actually happy right now because he is having back problems and can’t do much and he has gained 5 pounds…is that bad? lol I am reasonably athletic and was naturally skinny-ish until I hit my 27th birthday. I’ve always loved sports but I’ve had arthritis since I was born that is getting worse with age.

He is the guy everyone looks to for the heavy lifting. The only thing that keeps me from getting completely stabby is that he weighs more than me because of his excessive height. See, Kristen, I’ve seen your picture and aside from when you were pregnant, you look pretty darn skinny to me. The boy was born at 9.5 pounds back when the average was 6.5 pounds. I tried to explain to him that there is an unspoken rule that men are not allowed to weigh less than their wives. The worst is when he says “why don’t they just lose a few pounds? My husband isn’t perpetually skinny – but he freaks out if he gains 5 lbs and diets a week and then he’s back to normal. I secretly smile at skinny girls who cry when they say they’ve gained a few pounds and it still looks they are skinny as boards. ” She tried to cover by saying that the jacuzzi jets must have been inflating my bathing suit. My husband is a skinny, but it’s worse than just that. It’s unfair to be the one who wears the big pants in the relationship. ; P (I’m 5’4″ & about 160# / size 12.) He’s definitely got a faster metabolism! My husband’s metabolism has slowed down a little…but all he has to do is cut out soda and fast food for a week, and he’s down 10 pounds! We’ve been together since high school and I was just SURE that his metabolism would change with age, but here we are in our mid thirties and last month he wore his high school jeans to paint the front porch. My hubby is like that too, but I don’t believe for a minute that his natural thinness will give him longevity, I actually fear that he will be the one sick and on medication because he didn’t take care of his insides. I’d much rather be perpetually 10 pounds overweight, healthy, and around to spend time with my grandkids someday… Not only am I married to a skinny, my mother-in-law is also a member. She lives off of energy drinks, cheezits, and candy. Occasionally, if she happens to be off work at the same time as me (usually twice a week), she will eat a normal dinner with the rest of us. She is 5’7 and weighs (on a “fat” day)…135…but is usually 125. My husband…ran the Florence Marathon without training. Right now I’m 37 weeks pregnant and all the baby books suggest “raiding your husband’s closet for clothes to fit the last few weeks.” Umm, the clothes aren’t larger on that side, y’all, but thanks for reminding me.



It took me about three months to get to that point, and yet I was still sore and hurting and no where near a ten minute mile.

Yet my husband one day, after not having worked out in any shape or form in years, goes to the gym and runs five miles in . I’ve lived the last 15 years with him, trying not to pull my hair out at the injustice of it all. At one point for a short time he had a medication that caused him to balloon up.


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