Dating pot smokers in your area


High There is currently only available on Android (an i OS version is on its way), and if you're located in one of the 23 states where marijuana is legal, you can download it over at the Google Play store.

n my early college days, finding friends who smoked marijuana was never difficult for me (the purple hair and patch with the name "Bud" embroidered on it probably helped), but things have changed for me since then.

I’ve graduated college, moved to a different state and started a family.


The idea behind the app is simple: Marijuana users aren't always comfortable bringing up on dates that they enjoy smoking weed, so High There removes that worry by creating a place for like-minded smokers to meet up with each other.The Colorado-based startup is currently only available in the 23 states where marijuana is already legal in some form, so users shouldn't have to worry about the app disappearing anytime soon.From a design standpoint, High There is looks a lot like Tinder.Taking the stance that, like alcohol, people have their own particular tastes and preferences, users can specify whether they smoke, eat, or vaporize their weed.

You can also select how you usually react under the influence, with the ability to specify your "energy level when using cannabis." This is logically followed by what kind of activity you're in the mood for, enabling users to signal if they're looking to go out or stay inside.

Unfortunately, finding stoner friends is a bit harder now that everyone has grown up and found "adult" jobs.


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