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We were to sell subscriptions to his new ‘computer dating service’ which offered to match you up with the man or woman of your dreams – no more settling for that friend of your elder brother!We had been chosen for our ‘desirable appearance’; men and women – yeah, even Ms Raccoon, blessed with roaring acne.On the birth of daughter Sophia in April , he said: “I don’t think it affected my tennis but it gave me perspective.” Andy also discussed taking time off with wife Kim last year – his longest break from the game since back surgery in 2014.And he admits his recovery from the op was hard work.It could be concealed more effectively at night, which was when we were supposed to work – and it a good six foot off the ground, only visible to the rare man who matched my height.Thick pan-stick, knee high boots, and hot pants served to distract – and the obligatory full length cardigan that hung unattractively at our rear in those days, showing the imprint of every time we had sat down – but useful for buttoning up and appearing to be wearing a ‘maxi-dress’ should one find oneself in an area that hadn’t quite grasped the trend busting ‘Carnaby Street’ ways.Every night we set off from John’s minuscule apartment in Earl’s Court in a battered van, destined for the vast council estates of Acton and points East.

A TOP health magazine has called him Britain’s fittest sportsman – and it’s hard to argue.Tennis superstar Andy Murray served up a treat for fans in this month’s edition of Men’s Health, as he talks everything from being a dad to his bodyfat ratio.


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