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but ive been watching a lot of kdramas and to be honest, yoo seung ho has the manliest and most handsome face for me.

not to mention his acting skills which is really captivating and mind blowing.

For their plan, they have to deceive the most powerful man Sung Dae-Ryeon (Cho Jae-Hyun). Wow, so there is a human being on this earth who could say yoo seung ho is not handsome..

Don't be fooled by all those fake hallyu stars, most of them had work done, ysh is the most natural ever..

A man smiling like a cat...I will always idolize you and I like your face when you smile and you were really a promising and good actor...

I wish that Ji chang Wook abd you will go in one dramas never realized that Yoo Seung Ho can be that pretty (refer to when he diguise as woman) HAHHAHA P.s: the cast are DAEBAK!

kudos to this young actor Yoo seung ho is one of my favorite actors.


Go check some of his childhood pics, you'll be amazed..He's got natural sad beautiful eyes, of course some people would say he has the most sexiest eyes.. This boy already acts better than many popular actors and he has a pretty face.


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