Dating oil paintings


We stand behind our oil paintings with our "No Risk" 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Our company philosophy is focused on providing our customers extraordinary service, museum quality works of art, all at low wholesale prices.

We do not sell printed art, canvas transfers or canvas art that is machine generated.

All of our oil paintings are commissioned from highly skilled artists having many years of practical experience painting masterpiece oil reproductions on canvas.

We can also turn your photos into an exquisite hand-painted oil painting of you and your loved ones.

We look forward to enhancing your home or office with the ideal oil paintings.

We provide an extensive gallery of spectacular hand-painted oil paintings on sale at dramatically discounted wholesale prices.


We have virtually unlimited choices with more than 40,000 different oil paintings from over 4,000 master painters in such diverse art styles as Impressionism art, Abstract Expressionism art and Post Impressionism art, Realism art, Cubism art, Expressionism art and Renaissance art.

If you do not find what you are searching for, let us know, as our artists can paint your own unique custom oil painting in almost any size imaginable.


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    It seems that Rukia left after her coronation but her brother says she doesn’t need to be there to deal with this possible threat, since it’s been awhile since she had any downtime.

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    It’s Portland, Ore., the original “Keep it Weird” city, so I’m not as fazed as I maybe should be.

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