Dating of the la jolla complex

This design was shown by the pilot phase to be powerful and cost-effective in discovering and genotyping all but the rarest SNP and short insertion and deletion (indel) variants. Here, the approach was augmented with statistical methods for selecting higher quality variant calls from candidates obtained using multiple algorithms, and to integrate SNP, indel and larger structural variants within a single framework (see Box 1 and Supplementary Fig. Because of the challenges of identifying large and complex structural variants and shorter indels in regions of low complexity, we focused on conservative but high-quality subsets: biallelic indels and large deletions. Characterizing such variants, for both point mutations and structural changes, across a range of populations is thus likely to identify many variants of functional importance and is crucial for interpreting individual genome sequences, to help separate shared variants from those private to families, for example. H.; HHSN268201100040C to the Coriell Institute for Medical Research; a Sandler Foundation award and an American Asthma Foundation award to E. B.; an IBM Open Collaborative Research Program award to Y.


This resource, which captures up to 98% of accessible single nucleotide polymorphisms at a frequency of 1% in related populations, enables analysis of common and low-frequency variants in individuals from diverse, including admixed, populations.

Where results were clear, 3 out of 185 exome sites (1.6%), 5 out of 281 low-coverage sites (1.8%) and 72 out of 3,415 large deletions (2.1%) could not be validated (Supplementary Information and Supplementary Tables 4–9). R.-F.; DP2OD6514 and BAA-NIAID-DAIT-NIHAI2009061 to P.


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